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    Crib Railguards

    Padded Baby Crib Rail Cover Set

    A rail guard for the crib is the perfect protection for your teething baby and your crib. The crib guard rail cover features high quality and soft fabric with padding in the middle so you no longer have to worry about your baby ingesting wood or harmful toxins. The padded baby crib rail cover features ties that allow you to secure the rail cover easily while making it difficult for your baby to detach. Protect your baby and crib rails from teeth marks and drool discoloration, and preserve your crib investment for years to come with the help of our baby crib rail guards.

    You can easily buy 3 piece crib rail cover and other rail covers for the crib from Everyday Kids.


    Padded Baby Crib Rail Cover


    Do you require Cot Rail Cover Set?
    Cots are not meant to be chewed on; however, some come with a teething rail, which is a plastic rail cover placed on the top edge of the cot sides to prevent your baby from chewing off paint and wood splinters while also protecting the cot edge.

    Are crib rail coverings safe as of now?
    According to the AAP, "there is no proof that bumper pads reduce injuries, and there is a possible danger of asphyxia, strangling, or trapping," according to the 2007 research. Crib rail coverings are better since they do not offer a suffocation hazard.

    Do you require a crib rail guard?
    Rail guards protect your teething baby's gums from the paint, wood, or other materials used to make the crib rather than from knocks and bruising.