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    Throw Blankets

    Toddler Throw Blankets for Bed

    How to make a blanket for a toddler bed become your child’s favorite new blanket?

    Whether it’s for napping, comfort, or snuggling on the sofa, your toddler will feel warm, safe and cozy wrapped in our super soft toddler bed blanket made from plush microfiber polyester.

    The large size (30 x 40”), paired with the high-quality fabric, means this will be your go-to blanket for toddlers.

    SO MANY USES: Whether you are shopping for a blanket for a toddler girl or a blanket for a toddler boy, once you are used to having them around you will realize how versatile they are, for younger children and babies our plush blanket is great for tummy time or keeping your baby warm and cozy in their car seat or stroller and used as a toddler winter blanket. As they get older, their plush throw becomes a must have to use as kids picnic blanket, travel blanket, nap blanket and all-round snuggle buddy!

    With our high quality and low pricing we encourage every parent to buy toddler blankets to make life easier.

    Toddler Throw Blankets

    A two-year-old should have what sort of blanket?
    Cotton or muslin cotton blankets are ideal for swaddling since they are lightweight, thin, and breathable. Meanwhile, a fleece or polyester blanket is perfect for protecting your youngster when they sleep or snooze.

    What size is a toddler throw blanket?
    The 54x36" size covers a toddler mattress with plenty to spare, and it also works nicely as a throw blanket for toddlers and many primary aged children.

    What can I do to keep my toddler warm at night?
    The key to keeping your youngster warm at night is layering. Wearing top-quality blankets from Everyday Kids will keep your youngster warmer than a single thick one since layers are superior at trapping and retaining heat.